What is WindTunneling?

WindTunneling is a group-process software that enables invited participants to quickly and safely share ideas and experiences. It is particularly helpful when organizations face complex issues. 
It has many variations from simple “Contribute and See Outcomes” to more iterative, developmental processes. These include rounds of review, assessment, and an integrating matrix for patterning and emergence.

How Can WindTunneling Help Us?

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People with diverse experiences helping us anticipate risk

A flow of new insights to address embedded risk

Fresh ideas to enhance resilience


We had 60 diverse perspectives of a complex issue

Capturing others insights without having to call a meeting

The freedom of no preconceived answers


Having access to the experiences of clients and suppliers

Hosting stakeholders as they focus on relationship-building

All participants reading all ideas and sharing reflections


Gaining a sense of where change is brewing

Being alerted to weak signals while there’s still time to act

Having plans in reserve for unwanted circumstances


Tapping into the corporate memory during strategy planning

Getting diverse assessment of new strategies overnight

Affected stakeholders engaging in new strategy formulation


Having access to all the brainpower in the organization

No endless checking of schedules to arrange times for sharing

The potential for innovation when we cross diverse perspectives